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Below are the different guitars that Ostrich Canopy uses, wether in the studio or on the road.

Each one has a history and a certain sentimental value from "None," all the way to "Will never part with." which one is your favorite?

The Hofner - Jumbo Acoustic/Electric
The PRS - Santana Special Edition

This Paul Reed Smith guitar was the 1st ever Christmas present from my girlfriend ( now wife)

The Hofner brand (german)was made popular by Paul McCarthy with his signature violin style bass in the 1960's. This guitar has a slick neck beautiful wood grain finish and a fat butt for those thumping low tones.

Purchased in Hopemills, NC in 2008/2009 from Sandhills Music this was my cheapmans Martin Dreadnaught but not that cheap for me.

This is my "Go To" guitar no matter what style i'm about to get into.

The Dean - Acoustic/Electric

This Guitar was a Christmas present from my awesome wife in 2005/2006. She got this to replace the first guitar I every bought myself when I was 18. It replaced an Ibanez Acoustic/Electric that is no longer with us. The headstock snapped off only to be caught by the strings.

This guitar is now my beater guitar now that I have the Hofner. This goes to parties, bonfires, and also shows as an alternate tunning for a quick change.

No matter how long this thing has been in the stand or case, it almost never loses tune.


Will never Part


Dependable and Great



Dependable and Great